Day Flown
  • Skiathos Airport
    This gem is dubbed the Greek St Maarten.
  • Sharm el-Sheikh Airport
    Fly past the luxurious Egyptian resorts.
  • Madeira Airport
    A beautiful airport with an exciting approach.
Pilot Flight Number Departure Arrival Landing Rate
Bart Van Leemputten TCH 1564 LPMA EBBR -527 ft/min
Bart Van Leemputten TCH 1564 GCTS LPMA -304 ft/min
Rikard Andersson TCH 148 LEIB ENGM -145 ft/min
Bart Van Leemputten TCH 1563 EBBR GCTS -137 ft/min
Rikard Andersson TCH 147 ESSA LEIB -138 ft/min
Bart Van Leemputten TCH 3512 LICA EBBR -165 ft/min
Welcome our new recruits!
TUI2929 Alejandro Jordan EDDF
TUI2928 Max Hayes EGNX
TUI2927 VernonNup VernonNupQN LPFR
JAF2926 Kevin Coorens EBBR
TUI2925 Harvey Young EGKK
JAF2924 Steenhouwer Wen EBBR
TUI2923 Philipp Herrmann EDDS
BLX2922 Alwin Juhlin EGGW
JAF2921 AcleFex AcleCoigh EIDW
TUI2920 Philipp Herrmann EDDS