Day Flown
  • Skiathos Airport
    This gem is dubbed the Greek St Maarten.
  • Sharm el-Sheikh Airport
    Fly past the luxurious Egyptian resorts.
  • Madeira Airport
    A beautiful airport with an exciting approach.
Pilot Flight Number Departure Arrival Landing Rate
John Funnell TCH 4365 LGRP EGKK -213 ft/min
John Funnell TCH 4364 EGKK LGRP -262 ft/min
Rikard Andersson TCH 155 ESSA LEPA -62 ft/min
Bart Van Leemputten TCH 3602 LFKB EBBR -245 ft/min
Rikard Andersson TCH 156 LEPA ESSA -28 ft/min
Rikard Andersson TCH 155 ESSA LEPA -277 ft/min
Welcome our new recruits!
TB2919 Zacesebaqoo Zacesebaqoo EIDW
TUI2918 James Nagington EGBB
TOM2917 Sting StingVY EDDL
TFL2916 Daan De Rooij EHAM
TB2915 Kyen Van Strijdonck EBBR
TOM2914 J T Witcombe EGBB
TOM2913 Kevin Coy EGBB
BLX2912 Martin Lie-nilse ENGM
BLX2911 Edward Kjellen ENGM
TUI2910 Martyn Cheetham EGCC